Yes, and…

Kevin Guskiewicz (photo by Kevin Seifert Photography)

Kevin Guskiewicz (photo by Kevin Seifert Photography)

The first rule of improv — and a principle that has increasingly been adopted by organizations as a powerful team-building tool — is “yes, and …” It refers to building upon what has come before and encourages the sharing of ideas, opening the door to true collaboration.

You may have noticed our jaunty new ampersand. Our ampersand combines elements of an “A” for Arts and an “S” for Sciences. The symbol is, of course, shorthand for “and,” but I like to think of our version as representing “yes, and…

Along with our custom ampersand we are also unveiling the College’s new tag line, Synergy Unleashed. Just as the ampersand represents the expansive range of the arts and UNC_CAS_ampersand_bluesciences, Synergy Unleashed symbolizes the power of interdisciplinary work and our commitment to breaking down the silos that hamper collaborative partnerships. After all, “arts” and “sciences” are artificial constructs; the lines between them have always been blurred.

In this issue, you can read more about what we mean by Synergy Unleashed. The five stories in our cover package personify the power of unexpected partnerships and the fresh new perspectives they bring.

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