Listen in to new UNC podcasts

headphonesGrab your headphones and tune in to new podcasts from UNC-Chapel Hill, the Institute for the Arts and Humanities and the Southern Oral History Program

The University’s new podcast, “Well Said,” features students, faculty, staff and alumni discussing life in classrooms, labs and around campus — and how it pertains to local, national and international headlines. Episodes have highlighted the intersection of politics and the Olympics, hurricanes and storm surges, terrorism, and social media and adolescence.

The “IAH Podcast” features in-depth conversations with faculty fellows on their research on such topics as humanities and democratic engagement, the 2016 elections, the magic of photography, the American Revolution, and music and cultural diplomacy.

“Press Record” focuses on “the joys and challenges of learning history by talking to those who have lived it.” SOHP field scholars have discussed LGBTQ oral histories in North Carolina, feminism and oral history, and understanding segregation in the rural South.

Search for the podcasts on, at or download the SoundCloud app.