Food for All: Local and Global Perspectives

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photo by Steve Exum

For the next two years, the Carolina community will come together around a common table with food as the University’s new academic theme — exploring a plateful of topics, including food cultures and security, nutrition, world hunger, sustainable development and the impact of climate change. In the following stories (click on the links below and note the “Food for All” header at the top of the stories), you’ll read about the extraordinary work that faculty, students, alumni and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences are doing that advances our understanding of this most fundamental topic.

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Food, Glorious Food: A Q&A with American studies professor Marcie Ferris

Mapping a Culinary Mashup: Laos and a Local Community

A Good Butcher: Vittles Films Digs Deep into Food and Southern Culture

Gravy: A poem by creative writing professor Michael McFee

Food, Fast: Quick bites on research and work by UNC students

Passion for Pimento Cheese

Crazy about Collards

“Food is a Story about Class, Race and Gender”

Supermarkets and Locavores: Allies or Adversaries?

Exploring Food and Politics in 1950s Vietnam

Feeling Frank: An essay by associate professor of English Jennifer Ho

First, a Food Diary

Bye-Bye, Bugs: Jeff Dangl is UNC’s plant disease-buster

Cherished Pages: A cookbook author celebrates the stories of food that bring communities together

Meat Maven: Sarah Blacklin ’06 helps players in the pasture-based meat industry succeed

Farmer’s Daughter: A career pivot leads to the launch of a food line celebrating Southern pickles and preserves

Finale: American Childhood

A Recipe: Carolina Clam Chowder: Down-East Style

A Recipe: Jamaican Rice and Peas